Cornershop Online

Delivery is a marketplace bringing buyers and sellers together. The delivery of goods is a contract between the relevant seller and yourself. We have put in place a code authorisation system, which will make each step of the transaction accountable. Upon completing check out you will receive a confirmation email, which contains your unique authorisation code. Once the driver arrives with your order they will unpack the bags in your presence ticking off each item as they go. You will have the option to return any items to the driver for a full refund. At the end of this process you can sign of your acceptance of the delivery by giving the driver your unique code. It is your responsibility to make sure that anyone accepting delivery has access to this code, as without it the driver is entitled to refuse delivery.

Delivery timescales are sameday for Click and Collect and sameday delivery options within a 2 hour timeslot.

Cancellations, Refunds & Exchanges

You have the right to cancel your order at any time; we would however appreciate if you could let us know in a reasonable time so as to avoid unnecessary costs to the retailer. As mentioned in the delivery section, upon completion of your order you will receive a unique authorisation code. Once the delivery has been unpacked, the delivery driver will ask you to confirm that you are satisfied with your items. At this point if you wish to receive a refund or an exchange of any of these items the driver will take a note and provide you with a copy. Once you are satisfied, please provide your unique authorisation code. You will receive a full refund for all items you wish to send back; this will be refunded to the method of payment. If you wish to exchange or refund an item after the driver has left, please return the relevant items directly to the retailer’s place of business with the accompanying paperwork. For perishable items e.g. fruit and vegetables you will need to return them directly to the driver.