Cornershop Online



What is Cornershop Online?

We are an online marketplace bringing local consumers and local businesses together. We bring the convenience and great customer care of local shops online. Customers benefit by being able to place orders for their shopping online and businesses gain from their newly acquired online presence.

Why use Cornershop Online?

1. You are buying from local shops that you know and trust.

2. You know where your products have come from.

3. Your food miles are kept to a minimum.

4. You save on the hassle and cost of driving/parking.

5. Some of our retailers even offer free same day delivery

6. Finally, and most importantly, you are keeping money in your local community.


How do I place my order?

Enter your postcode on the homepage and press enter or click on ‘Shop!’ When the next page has loaded you can select the shop you wish to buy from. Once in the chosen shop just add items to your basket before proceeding to the check out and payment. Remember if you are new to computers why not call your local shop and arrange a time when they can run through how to place orders!

Do I have to register to place an order?

Yes. To complete the transaction, our stores will require some basic information e.g. name, contact details and address. All retailers on Cornershop Online sign a contract promising to adhere to our strict rules on data privacy. To put it simply your details will never be passed onto any third parties.

How do I pay for my shopping?

We will provide numerous payment options. In the checkout section you have the option to pay via card or paypal. You can also pay cash on delivery or some of our stores will have the ability to take card payments on delivery. Our retailers are hard working independent stores and we would greatly appreciate your understanding when paying for goods. Some retailers may add a surcharge for paying by credit card this will only be to cover their processing costs. Remember paying cash on delivery reduces the retailer’s costs!

What are the delivery options?

Delivery options may vary from store to store. Most stores offer free same day delivery but may charge if you live further than a set distance from the business. Each store has its own homepage where they will publish their delivery options. Remember “click&collect” is the quickest and most convenient choice for delivery.

What is “click&collect”?

All stores will offer the click and collect service. If you place your order online and select “click&collect” as your delivery option the store will pick your order and you will receive a notification to confirm when it is ready to pick up from the store. This process will take no longer than 2 hours. Most of our stores have ample parking and you are able to pick up your shopping at a time of your convenience.

How do you handle refunds/complaints?

After you have placed your order you will receive a confirmation email. When your driver arrives with your order they will take each item out of the bag and check it off against your order. This is the perfect opportunity for you to confirm the order is correct and has arrived in the state you expect. If everything is to your satisfaction the driver will ask you to sign the paperwork; remember you have the right to refuse any item/s you are not satisfied with. For these items you will receive a full refund. It is your responsibility to make sure the person signing for the delivery checks the order prior to signing acceptance. If you wish to return an item after accepting it please email us at If you have a complaint please email us at we will look at it immediately and get in touch within 48 hours.

What happens if I forget my password?

If you have forgotten your password click the “forgotten your password” link and follow the onscreen instruction to retrieve/reset your password.

Is there a minimum order value?

Yes each store will set its own minimum order value. As a general rule the minimum order value is around £20. The reason for a minimum order value is so that the retailer can guarantee that their profit is more than the cost of making the delivery and taking payment!


How do I list my business?

Fill in the contact form or email us at with some basic information about your store and we will get back in touch.

How long does it take to set up?

We have made the set up process as easy as possible! In fact you may be able to complete most of it without any assistance. However if you need help we are always available. We aim to have a new store set up and ready to start trading within a week.

What is included as part of the set up?

Your own homepage, shopping area for customers to browse your product catalogue, a basic start up catalogue to get you going and a backend admin tool to help maintain prices etc.,. Also full technical support is provided and a 128 bit SSL certificate.

What do I need to provide for set up?

Shop details (address, contact details, opening times etc), bank account details, VAT registration number. We may also require more details at the time.

Is there a minimum and maximum number of products I should have?

In short no, this is completely down to the business owner. However we would advise you to have enough products to meet your customer’s needs. You can upload and remove products at any time.

How much does it cost?

Each business is different so we don’t have one fixed rate. However we are confident we can beat our competition on price and quality of service. We promise it costs less than you think and could be the best business decision you ever make!

How do I pay?

We will invoice you for any annual maintenance or set up fees. Any commissions we will collect by direct debit every month. What are basic terms of contract? You sign a contract with us which you can terminate at no cost after a minimum of 12 months.

Do you accept any businesses?

As long as you are an independent business with great values and customer service we will work with you. We only want the best as our retailers are the face of our brand.

Who hosts the site and how reliable and secure are they?

Arkitec Software –

Will you help with the set up?

We will support you from start to finish. And technical support is available once your store is set up.

I already have a website – can I still join Cornershop Online?


Can I link to Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites?

Yes. Just let us know what links you require when you are ready to set up your store.